5 years ago…

on June 1st 2011, and Harald Alverstrand announced that “Google just made available WebRTC, here an open source software package for real-time voice and video on the web that we will be integrating in Chrome.”

A few days ago at the KrankyGeek WebRTC Event in San Francisco,  Niklas Blum, Justin Uberti, and Per Ahgren share with the community the latest metrics they collect via Chrome and the Google search engine:

  • 2B Chrome Browsers Deployed
  • Making 1B+Chrome Audio/Video minutes per week (2,000 years!)
  • 1PB of Data transferred via the DataChannels per week
  • 0,1% of HTTP traffic in Chrome is transferred over DataChannels
  • Used by 1200 projects and companies make use of WebRTC today

WebRTC Search Trend

WebRTC Search Trend

More information about the implement of WebRTC in Chrome here:

last but not least, Quality matters!