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Today at the WebRTC Global Submit London 2015, Google’s @slac provides some WebRTC developer stats: 1.5B+ total WebRTC-capable browsers 3B+ total downloads of WebRTC-powered mobile apps 600+ companies building on WebRTC 300K+ views of
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    WebRTC forecasts: 2bn users, mobile apps & “dis-unified communication”

WebRTC forecasts: 2bn users, mobile apps & “dis-unified communication”

Disruptive Analysis has now published the WebRTC Industry Status & Forecasts Report, 2014 Edition. It is the most detailed study on WebRTC, based on primary research and detailed quantitative market modelling. It extends the analysis the original report issued in February 2013 and several interim […]

WebRTC Revolution in progress!

In 2013, Bistri was the first WebRTC Vendor to publish statistics on a real usage on a production platform, based on 1.5 Million minutes of Video Calls. But a lot has changed since last year. In addition to Google Chrome, 2 […]

WebRTC Revolution in France

WebRTC & Paris: a love story The very fist Conference about WebRTC took place in Paris, France, 10/12 October 2012. A year later, there are some very good WebRTC conferences all over the world: USA (WebRTC Conf & Expo, WebRTC […]

WebRTC Conference & Expo West 2013 By The Numbers

WebRTC Conference & Expo III wrapped up on November 21st, boasting:   800+ Attendees 294 Companies 74 Sponsors 51 Corporate Sponsors 50 Exhibitors 34 Demos 590 Social Media Mentions 1,053,650 Total Social Reach 73 Media Pick Ups   You missed the event ? watch the videos on

WebRTC’s Bright Future

TokBox asked 1,000+ professionals from around the world about their experience with WebRTC and their plans to use it in the future.
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    Dean Bubley’s Updated WebRTC forecasts + new analysis of browser vs. non-browser uptake

Dean Bubley’s Updated WebRTC forecasts + new analysis of browser vs. non-browser uptake

In order to keep afloat in the inevitable media storm about WebRTC and telecoms over the next week, I thought I’d put out a quantitative blog post, updating some headline numbers and drilling down on how the WebRTC marketplace may evolve over […]

Zingaya serves more than 1 Million calls per month

We have reached 1 Million calls per month milestone and around 60% of all calls are WebRTC calls, thanks to latest Firefox 22 release. Waiting for Opera, IE and Safari + mobile platforms… Alexey Aylarov, CEO/Co-founder of Zingaya

WebRTC Conference & Expo East 2013 By The Numbers

WebRTC Conference & Expo came and went. Atlanta was fun. The event was successful and the sky? Full of surprises, shifting from hot and humid to pouring rain. I’ve had my summary of the conference already published. What I was missing there […]

WebRTC forecasts upgraded:
mobile support accelerating

Disruptive Analysis is well-known for its criticism and skepticism of many new technologies, such as RCS messaging and NFC mobile payments. Thus is may come as a surprise that it now suggests a technology is being under-hyped, and has upgraded its WebRTC adoption forecasts […]